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Laboratory Furniture
Laboratory furniture is exposed to many of the harshest chemicals on a daily basis. Hence, our Lab Décor furniture is manufactured from the finest quality material that does not rust or corrode and that guarantees maximum safety. Every furniture piece is designed to give your laboratory best functionality and efficiency.

Fume Hoods

Our Lab Decor fume hood is effective option in order to ensure cleaner, fresher air in the laboratories with chemicals that can be hazardous or odorous. At Deziner’s Lab, we manufacture it with quality material such as polypropylene that has high tolerance for many different chemicals. The polypropylene fume hood fan inside the hood extracts corrosive and toxic, heavy and light gases produced in laboratories. This fume hood is aerodynamically designed and available in a wide range of styles and designs for every laboratory application.

Lab Bench

Lab benches and stools are key components and a must-have for every laboratory. At Deziner’s Lab, we design these benches and stools so that they require less space and it becomes easy to move around for a person working in the lab.

Laboratory Workstations

The laboratory workstations need to be both chemical and heat resistant. Therefore, the quality and the material of these workstations becomes the important factor as this relates to safety and durability. Our Lab Décor workstations come with Epoxy countertops, one of safest and best material to work with for your laboratory.

Storage Cabinets

Every laboratory needs storage units for the orderly storage of equipment and chemicals. Whether you need cupboards or drawer space, we specialize in providing storage solutions that fit virtually every need and the ones that are in sync with the laboratory designs. From handles to hinges, for us at Deziner’s Lab every detail is important for a fully functional, well-designed laboratory.

Island Tables

Lab Décor furniture of Deziner’s Lab offers both wooden and metallic type of island tables in standard and tailor made design. These tables come with different types of underbench modules of different sizes and dimensions while the working surface offered can be ceramic tiles, granite, stainless steel etc.
The metallic furniture is epoxy powder coated and the wooden furniture is oil painted or epoxy painted according to the client’s requirements. The wooden tables are made of marine plywoods.

Instrument Table

Lab Décor offers wide variety of specially designed customized instrument table comprising of storage module. The table top is melamine laminated and with the drawer that runs smoothly in lubricated guides.